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M. J. Milne is s a Canadian artist, author, and scriptwriter. She was born and raised near the rainforests of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Her writing and artistic abilities, love of travel, and interest in the worlds of Spirit emerged early.

Milne studied at the Vancouver School of Art, Simon Fraser University, and the University of B.C. Later, her imaginative landscape paintings were sought after by art collectors. During her stay in northern B.C., working in an isolated gold mine, her connection with nature heightened.

Her search for spiritual answers began soon after a series of profound occurrences transformed her life. Seeking to understand them and their usefulness in her everyday life, she began an intense spiritual journey. Realizing that the answers were not to be found in the experiences of others, MJ was led along a pathway to find the answers within herself. She is now dedicated to teaching those guided to her how they, too, can remove society's veil to see their own inner truth as Soul.

M. J. Milne has traveled extensively, served as the grassroots publicist for a Canadian music group, and produced and directed several music events. She has published magazine articles, written screenplays, and the revolutionary new-age/science-fiction novel Universal Tides in which the 12 Golden Keys for a New World are introduced.

Milne still resides in the Vancouver area, near a forest.


12 GOLDEN KEYS FOR A NEW WORLD (Blue Heron Productions, 2010) is a non-fiction, self-realization, and New Age book based on twelve strategies for conscious living. Prepare for a new world and discover your place within it. Overcome life’s challenges by accessing your personal oracle—Soul—which guides you to live with freedom, passion, and purpose.

The 12 Golden Keys are for people of all spiritual paths and religious backgrounds. Included in the 6” x 9” book are inspiring stories from over twenty-five writers who share their exuberance for life. Together they show you ways to live life through Divine Love.

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UNIVERSAL TIDES: BARBED WIRE BLUES (Blue Heron Productions, 2005) is a New-Age/Sci-Fi novel. Author M. J. Milne said, “It’s definitely sociological science fiction because it holds a mirror up to present-day reality, ratcheting it up a few notches into the future, and then showing us our world from a new and different perspective.

Simply stated Universal Tides, or Utides, is the story of the fall of Man and the rise of Spirit. It's about a band of outlanders who, with the help of an E.T., race to save the planet from corporate dictators, and in the interim discover a destiny far greater than they ever imagined—and the 12 Golden Keys.”

“The idea for Utides came to me in a dream when I was thirty-three, and after handwriting a 500-page first draft, I promptly placed it in an old trunk in the basement. Twenty-five years later, I stumbled upon the story and recognized its prophetic relevancy for today’s world. Compelled to update Utides, the evolving 12 Keys appeared!”

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