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Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Milne, M. J. (Marilyn J.), 1948-
12 golden keys for a new world : unlocking the door to conscious freedom--change your life, change your planet / M.J. Milne.
Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN 978-0-9739654-1-4

1. Spiritual life--New Age movement. 2. Self-realization.
I. Title. II. Title: Twelve golden keys for a new world.
BP605.N48M557 2010 204 C2009-900307-4

Published by Blue Heron Productions, North Vancouver, Canada
www.12goldenkeys.com www.universaltides.com
info (at) 12goldenkeys.com


A Revolutionary New-Age/Sci-Fi Novel and Game
utides coverAuthor: M. J. Milne
ISBN: 978-0-9739654-0-7

12.97 / CAD
Includes the novel and a free board game!
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E-Book details: Fiction.
A modern day galactic tale about our Changing Times. A downloadable e-book and game; 300 pages. Published by Blue Heron Productions, North Vancouver, 2005.

Website: www.universaltides.com
Email: info (at) universaltides.com

Discover how brave outlanders uncover an ancient secret & enter an altered state of consciousness to save the planet.

“Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues” (or Utides for short) is about revolution, dictators, the Mayan prophecy, earth changes, an electromagnetic viral pandemic threat, and how everyone is becoming naturally clairvoyant in order to handle the new Earth changes. (Bookcover art by Kort Kramer)

Author M. J. Milne said about the story, “It’s definitely sociological science fiction because it holds a mirror up to our present-day reality, ratcheting it up a few notches into the future, and then showing us our world from a new and different perspective.”

“Simply stated, Utides is the story of the fall of Man and the rise of Spirit. It's about a band of outlanders who, with the help of an E.T., race to save the planet from corporate dictators, and in the interim discover a destiny far greater than they ever imagined—they gain knowledge of the ancient secrets of the 12 Golden Keys.”

“The idea for Universal Tides came to me in a dream when I was thirty-three, and after handwriting a 500-page first draft, I promptly placed it in an old trunk in the basement. Twenty-five years later, I stumbled upon the story and recognized its prophetic relevancy for today’s world. Compelled to update Utides, the evolving 12 Golden Keys appeared!”

Includes the novel and a free board game!
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'Universal Tides is very well written, is ever gripping. Good luck with this wonderful book.'
– BARBARA HAND CLOW, The Mayan Code.

'I found it absolutely mesmerizing. As I was reading, I felt I was in some kind of a future life. It was fascinating.'
- DARLENE MONTGOMERY, Conscious Women, Conscious Lives Volumes 1 & 2.

I read your e-book. Wow! With compelling characters and fast-paced action, Universal Tides transported me into a fictional future that reflects where we might be heading.'
- JEANE MANNING, author, Break Through Power

‘It’s awesome! It's about time people recognize how simple it is to just purify our thoughts and see marvelous changes in our lives.’
- JASON, Mumbai, India

"I am turning 29 and have been on a spiritual quest for nine of those years. I have felt lost many times.… Over the last few weeks I have read Universal Tides (which by the way is now my favorite book) and practiced the 12 Golden Keys and never in the nine years of seeking have I ever felt more connected to Soul Energy than I do now... Anyone who is a seeker needs this ebook. Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution to this world and I cannot wait for your new ebooks."


Cosmic Green
Apr 20 2006, The North Shore Outlook

Sci-Fi writer grounds futuristic plot on today’s ominous signs of an unhealthy planet.

BIG THEMES – Marilyn Milne brings corporate corruption, spirituality, and saving the world together in her new book, ‘Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues,’ available online in e-book format at www.universaltides.com.

Whether the conversation leads into her 12 years as a city bus driver, her fascination with alternate realities or her belief in the human spirit, time tends to disappear when one sits down with MJ Milne.

… Milne has just finished publishing a controversial online book entitled Universal Tides: Barbed Wire Blues, and is anxious to discuss it.

The book is inciting interest from Trekkies and the cosmic conscious, but the author hopes its environmental message will reach even those who don’t believe in second sight.

…The story follows a university microbiologist who discovers the 12 golden keys, survival skills that allow her to escape planetary ruin by visiting parallel universes. In order to leap through galaxies, the character must enter an altered state of consciousness.

While the idea of space surfing without rocket fuel may seem far fetched to some, Milne insists the (parallel universe) concept is being proven possible through quantum physics. The theory magnetizes skeptics, but the book’s controversy doesn’t stem from non-believers.

“You either believe it or you don’t,” Milne explains. “What’s controversial about the story is the corporate dictatorship of North America.”

The story also features a North American dictator who uses an experiment from a kidnapped scientist to control the populace. The dictator is one of the “global elite” who is raping the world of its gold and oil and gaining total control over its population.

…With dramatic events like Hurricane Katrina, the South East Asian tsunami, and the massive earthquake in India, Milne says more people are questioning the future of Mother Earth. The natural disasters have also given fuel for a younger generation.

“The youth of the world now have a cause, and watch out because they’re our future and we have to listen,” she says. “They’re all about saving the planet.”

The only way to prevent planetary disaster, she contends, is to take responsibility and create a sense of community among the world. “There’s definitely hope, but we have to start now,” she advises.

…“The story line of Universal Tides has a light side and a dark side, the twin aspects of life,” she says. “We all have two choices in life: to live from love or to live from fear.”

The secret, she contends, is realizing love always overcomes fear. And one doesn’t have to believe in beaming up Scotty to figure that out.

(Milne’s book can be found at UniversalTides.com)

Includes the novel and a free board game!
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